Transtar No Mix Automotive Paint

Customers MUST call in for ALL paint orders @ 1-800-221-6334 to help ensure a more accurate match. 


First, tell us what kind of paint you want! Do you want 100% toner-paint with extraordinary coverage? Do you want a toner/base-coat blend for a lower price? How about single stage? Just pick which one best suits your needs. More information on each is available below.


We now offer Transtar's NoMix Low VOC custom mixing colors. Our system comes with custom matching chip decks, whether it be vehicle make, model or direct paint color code. Each of our chip decks are coded by the make of said vehicle. For example, Indigo Metallic*, a Chevrolet Silverado color, would be found under the GM chip deck. This, along with all other colors, includes the vehicle color code, direct formula code for our program, as well as any variants for the color. Included in the system are solid, metallic, pearl and xirallic toners that allow creation of over 175,000 high-solids and medium-solids color formulations as well as 70,000 single stage color formulations. Below you'll find a break down meaning of high-solids, medium-solids and single stage paint.

High-solids (HS) is our overall best in terms of the best coverage, meaning fewer coats of paint and a brand-new look. It is also made of 100% toner. While it is slightly higher compared to the MS, it will perform extraordinarily, offering the highest-quality results possible that also meet the nation's strictest VOC regulations.  Our HS formula is most often used for older cars, such as American muscle, as well as newer cars and overall jobs for that fresh off the showroom look.

Medium-solids (MS) is the slighter grade under HS. This offers excellent coverage, blends easily, has superior metallic control and has great overall performance. Our price of MS is a bit lower than the HS and is made of about 70% toner and 30% base-coat binder. This is currently our more popular formula and has been used for overall jobs, newer vehicles, body parts (such as bumpers, fenders, etc.) and many other things.

Single Stage (SS) is the last grade in our system, with a lower price than the MS. It is constructed of one-third single stage blender, and two-thirds toner, and has the clear-coat shine built in with its outstanding gloss. SS is a great choice for light, commercial vehicles, fleets such as taxi cabs and rental cars, municipal vehicles, trailers and more. An activator (sold separately) is also required for our single-stage.


Second, tell us more about the details of your paint job! By answering the six questions that follow, this will insure an absolute perfect match up.* 


To order a selection of our paint, we will ask you the following:

  1. exact color code for the vehicle, or the direct formula number (highly recommended but not required) 

  2. the vehicle year, make and model (highly recommended but not required)

  3. the stage of paint (High-solid, medium-solid or single stage) Required; over the phone.

  4. the color you are requesting (if known) (highly recommended but not required)

  5. quantity of paint (pint, quart or gallon) Required; over the phone.

       6. contact/billing information (name, phone number, address, etc.) Done over the phone.

    In the situation that the color code cannot be located and/or the color is not known, the vehicle VIN number may be required to contact the vehicle model company directly for the match.

    Third, and lastly, allow us to quickly and accurately mix your paint. Ask about our reducers, clears and other paint supplies. We have wide varieties of these items all at competitive prices. 

    Walk ins are welcome to bring in a piece of the vehicle so that we can color match it directly in our store. 
    *Many paint colors have multiple variants that can drastically change the outcome of a paint job. The color indigo metallic for Chevrolet trucks, for example, has a standard version, darker version, bluer version, lighter version, and redder version. If possible we should match directly to the vehicles current paint to insure the right color. Once a decision is made, finalized and the product is received by the customer, if it is an off match, we will work with the customer to the best of our abilities to correct the issue.




      Transtar Urethane Grade Reducer, Fast, TRE6701 *ORM-D*

      Transtar Urethane Grade Reducer, Fast, TRE6701 *ORM-D*

       Item priced and sold per gallon. Specifically recommended for use in Transtar Automotive Paint..


      Transtar Urethane Grade Reducer, Medium, TRE6711 *ORM-D*

      Transtar Urethane Grade Reducer, Medium, TRE6711 *ORM-D*

       Item priced and sold per gallon. Specifically recommended for Transtar Automotive Paint!Temp.&..


      Transtar Urethane Grade Reducer, Slow, TRE6721 *ORM-D*

      Transtar Urethane Grade Reducer, Slow, TRE6721 *ORM-D*

       Item priced and sold per gallon. Specifically recommended for Transtar Automotive Paint!Temp. ..


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