Item priced and sold per 32 oz. jug.

Non-streaking and non-spotting formula that shines as it cleans

  • Tough on dirt and easy on fiberglass, paint and gel coat
  • Removes tart, oil and gas film while leaving a polished look between washes

    Duragloss Marine and RV Wash Concentrate is a superior blend of specialty formulated surfactants that shines as it cleans. Marine and RV Wash Concentrate easily removes tar, oil and gas film, etc. while leaving a polished look between washes. Every time the boat hits the water or the RV hits the road, contaminants start accumulating on the surfaces that you work so hard to clean and detail. Duragloss Marine and RV Wash Concentrate is a non-streaking, cost-effective wash that gently cleans and shines gel coated fiberglass to maintain its value and beauty. Washing with Marine and RV Wash Concentrate will not strip durable waxes or sealants. If the boat or RV is coated with any of Duragloss' polymer polishes, what we commonly call sealants, the finish will last through countless washes with this gentle shampoo. Duragloss Marine and RV Wash Concentrate does not contain any harsh chemicals such as alkalies, acids or abrasives. The non-streaking, non-spotting formula rinses clean and decreases drying time because water sheets off. To use spray the surface area with water first to cool it and loosen dirt and other contaminants. Add 1-2 ounces of concentrate per gallon of water and agitate with strong jet to create suds. Use a sheepskin wash mitt, natural sea sponge or boar's hair wash brush, not included, to apply suds to the area being washed. Rinse thoroughly with clean water and dry surface with a microfiber drying towel to prevent water spots. Decrease the amount of rubbing and scrubbing by pre-soaking the boat or RV with a layer of thick, rich Duragloss Marine and RV Wash Concentrate. If washing in direct sunlight, do one section at a time and keep the area wet by rinsing frequently with clean water. With Duragloss Marine and RV Wash Concentrate, the boat or RV will always be clean, shiny and ready for the weekend.   


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    Duragloss Marine & RV Wash Concentrate, 32 oz, DUR591

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