Item priced and sold per pail.

USC Painter's Pails™ & Painter's Pitchers™.  Accurately measure and mix primers, clears, single stage, basecoat and any refinishing product in these sturdy, solvent resistant clear plastic mixing cups. 

  • U.S. & Metric liquid meaurements
  • Includes most common mix ratios
  • Markings visible from the inside or outside
  • Lids available for all pails
  • Made in U.S.A.

COLOR: Slightly Opaque Plastic 

SUGGESTED USE: Use to measure and mix refinish products. 

Product CodeSize/DescriptionUnits/CaseWt/Case
361692-1/2 Qt. Painter's Pitcher™103 lbs.
361701 Pint Painter's Pail™1006 lbs.
36171Lid for 1 Pint Pail3005 lbs.
361741 Quart Painter's Pail™1009 lbs.
36175Lid for 1 Quart Pail1003 lbs.
361762-1/2 Quart Painter's Pail™509 lbs.
36177Lid for 2.5 Quart Pail504 lbs.
361785 Quart Painter's Pail™5015 lbs.
36179Lid for 5 Quart Pail506 lbs.
361821/2 Pint Painter's Pail™3007 lbs.
36183Lid for 1/2 Pint Pail3003 lbs.

NOTES: Made from high density polyethylene.  Sturdy construction means you can clean and reuse. 

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Painter's Pail™, 1 Pint, USC36170

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