Item priced and sold per 8 oz. bottle.

Duragloss polish and cleaner contains synthetic polymers, which form a protective coating on the surface of painted vehicles. This product is durable to both acid and alkaline washes. It can be applied in the sun or shade to the entire vehicle before removing easily for a wet look shine and protective coating. Duragloss polish and cleaner is classified as a synthetic cleaner wax. It contains cleaning agents to remove oxidation and fine scratches while forming a durable layer of polymer protection. The long-lasting polymer finish stands up to both acidic cleaners, like many bug and tar removers, and alkaline washes, which describes the detergents used at most automatic car washes. One can expect durable protection for up to 6 months with it. Since this is a cleaner and sealant in one, Duragloss polish and cleaner cuts your detailing time by performing two steps at once. Reapply twice a year for optimum protection. This product contains no silicone oils and can be removed for repainting if necessary. It can be applied to the entire vehicle and then buffed off using a soft towel. They recommend a Cobra microfiber towel for easiest removal. If one prefer the look of a wax, use Pinnacle Signature Series II as a carnauba topper. One will enjoy the benefit of a long-lasting sealant and the warm shine of carnauba wax. It can be used on any type of paint, even clear coats. Enjoy the convenience of a one-step cleaner and protectant, and the durable shine of Duragloss polish and cleaner.  

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Duragloss Automotive Polish & Cleaner, 8 oz, DUR101

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